Lynda G.

July 2nd, 2019

I suffered from back pain for so many years I lost count. Multiple injuries that I never fully recovered from compounded until I was taking medications almost daily.

Over that time, I was given a wide variety of treatments by various practitioners and therapists. They all helped, but I wanted one thing to stick with that was guaranteed to solve the pain once and for all. Sound like magic? Well then, Christine is magic!

Actually, everything she does is firmly based in science. Christine is very knowledgeable and intuitive. She clearly explained how my body mechanics and posture were causing more pain and counteracting anything positive I was doing. Although I felt like a small child learning to walk, Christine’s personalized treatments and program for home care changed my life. As long as I follow what Christine taught me, I can lift heavy objects, (even bucking hay!), do physical house projects, garden, vacuum etc., all without pain.

If I find myself slipping into bad posture and my back starts to twinge, I just self-correct and quickly feel good again.

It is definitely worth the wait to get on Christine’s schedule. And Shawn will do whatever he can to schedule if appointments become available. Thanks so much to both of you!